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Being expert plumbers, it is not always about replacing but finding a solution and just making it work.

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Call us 24 hours a day no matter what plumbing repair you require to be fixed. We will be there!

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Being expert plumbers, it is not always about replacing but finding a solution and just making it work.

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We are expert commercial plumbers and our team are skilled technicians. Call us and we will arrive at your door.

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Welcome to B-R-L, we are a well-established drain blocking company based in Liverpool and cover Liverpool & all of Merseyside.

We have a decade’s worth of drain blocking experience that we are able to bring to your blocked drain problem. Our team is highly qualified and offer all drainage services.

We offer commercial and domestic drainage services.

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We are B-R-L and we are a specialist Liverpool drainage company that serves customers in Liverpool and all over Merseyside. If you are looking for a friendly, reliable and professional blocked drain company then look no further. 

We offer all drainage services from blocked sinks and toilets to the complete blocked pipes of homes. We are leaders in the drainage, blocked drains and servicing of all types of drainage. All of our drain work is guaranteed. 

B-R-L has been registered since 2007 and in that time we have come across all types of blocked drain situations and there has been nothing that has been able to stop us from completing the work on time.

We are fully insured which means you have the peace of mind knowing the work will be done correctly and according to plumbing standards.

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General Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains in Liverpool

Have you noticed strange smells in your home? Is the water flowing away slowly, and with difficulties? If these and other unusual things happen in your bathroom and kitchen, you might have a blocked drain in your home.

About blocked drains

A problem like this may have a simple solution, or it may require a lot of work. In order to determine this, there are several factors that you have to take into consideration.

For example, who is responsible for dealing with the blocked drain in Liverpool? If you live in the house, and the blocked drain is somewhere on your property, the responsibility is yours. You can either try to deal with it yourself, or you can call a professional plumbing service. Our plumbers have years of experience, and they are capable of quickly identifying the problem, precisely locating it, and then dealing with it in an appropriate way.

Of course, things get a bit more complex for those who live in buildings. In those cases, the issue might originate somewhere else in the building, and you might only feel the consequences. If something like that happens, you can always contact the person in charge for this kind of things in your building. Perhaps they know how to fix the problem, or if not, they can call a Liverpool plumbing service to do it.

Larger problems

Most of the time when you have a blocked drain, you will only experience problems like water not flowing away in your sink. Those are the small issues that people experience. Sometimes, however, the problem may be huge and have devastating consequences. Most of the time, this is the issue that people who live in houses experience.

If there is a bigger problem with your pipes and drains, you might have an entire flood on your hands. This kind of situation is something that needs taking care of urgently, and you should not hesitate – call us immediately. Problems like this may originate anywhere between your kitchen sink and the sewer, and only a professional plumber knows how to deal with it properly.

How to prevent problems like a blocked drain around Merseyside?

Naturally, the best way to deal with the problem is to make sure that it never occurs in the first place. Of course, there is always a possibility of something getting stuck somewhere. As we mentioned, if you live in a building, it might not even be your fault if something like that happens.

Still, it is worth knowing how to deal with some of the smaller issues, and of course, how to prevent them from even happening. For example, you can use hot water to clear your drains regularly. It might not sound like much of a solution, but hot water will help out with things like grease, oil, and alike, and prevent a blockage from forming.

Also, if you notice that water has difficulties with flowing away, you can always try pouring a cup of baking soda and some vinegar. After that, plug the drain, and wait for a couple of minutes. There will be a reaction, bubbles, and even noises from the drain. However, when it all stops, you should have a clear pipe once more.

Call Boiler Repair Liverpool

Having a blocked drain in your home is a very common issue, and there is no need to panic if it happens to you. Depending on the severity of the problem, you might even fix it yourself, if you can locate it. If not, feel free to call us, and our professionals will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Commercial Blocked Drains

Commercial Drainage Services in Liverpool

There comes a time in a household owner’s life that they have to face the trouble of leaks, broken pipes and clogged drainage. This can be very taxing and you simply want everything done. Drains need to be in constant maintenance if you want them to work fairly well.

Most of the time it’s old houses that get problems with pipes and drainage and they need to be fixed and also cleaned to maintain how it works. Things such as poor plumbing and drains that have not been installed correctly can also pose a huge problem for the home owner.

This is where you need to consider getting help from commercial drainage services such as ours. A common question that comes into mind is what services can you possibly get from commercial drainage services? It can help when you have an idea of what we are able to do and what problems we can fix.

There are different kinds of drainage and the services we offer to fix them also differ. Below are some of the common areas where drainage problems usually occur:

  • Garden drainage
  • Plastic drainage
  • Concrete drainage
  • Underground drainage
  • Ground drainage

Services That You Can Get From Our Commercial Drainage Companies in Liverpool

Repairing the pipework

This is where the pipes are checked, repaired and even replaced to maintain the flow of drainage. Plumbers are not able to do these kinds of repair which is why drainage experts are sent by us to help you out. The problematic pipes are identified and change so that they will not cause further damage.

Excavation and drainage lining

When you find out that your drainage needs to be replaced, you are looking at a huge job to finish. This means that digging may be involved and that the site of the drainage will need to be excavated. We will be able to pinpoint what the exact cause of the problem is easy.

Checking of drainage through CCTV

With the help of modern technology, repairs can easily be done once there is surveillance in the area of the drainage. This helps locate the cause of the problem in the drain with the use of a small camera which can fit through it. It’s a fast and efficient way to check whether to not there is a blockage in the drain or if there are any potential blockages that may occur. In a way, we also prevent further damage to happen.

Contact Your Trusted Drainage Service Providers

If you know who to call for drainage problems then you can always ask our services to help you out in emergencies. If it’s your first time to encounter such troubles it is important that you choose the right commercial drainage service company. Look into the history of our company and see whether or not we have left satisfied customers with their services. The reputation of our commercial drainage company is integral to prove to our future customers that we are capable of doing a good job.

If you have any questions or would like to get a quote for the services that we offer, feel free to contact us. We have reliable customer service representatives that will be ready to take your questions and provide you with the answers regarding drainage problems and more as soon as possible. Simply drop by on our website or visit us for more information.

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