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Welcome to B-R-L, we are a well-established plumbing company based in Liverpool and cover the whole of Merseyside.

We have a decade’s worth of plumbing experience that we are able to bring to your plumbing problem. Our team is highly qualified and offer all plumbing services.

We offer commercial and domestic plumbing services.

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Plumber in Liverpool

Plumbing Company in Liverpool

We are B-R-L and we are a specialist Liverpool plumbing company that serves customers in Liverpool and all over Merseyside. If you are looking for a friendly, reliable and professional company then look no further. 

We offer all plumbing services from leaking taps and toilets to the complete plumbing installation of homes. We work are leaders in the installation, repairs and servicing of all types of boilers. We are Gas Safe and all of our work is guaranteed. 

B-R-L has been registered since 2007 and in that time we have come across all types of plumbing situations and there has been nothing that has been able to stop us from completing the work on time.

We are Gas Safe and fully insured which means you have the peace of mind knowing the work will be done correctly and according to plumbing standards.

Number 1 recommended Plumber in Liverpool, Merseyside

General Plumbing

General Plumbers in Liverpool

Have you recently experienced problems like a broken toilet, or perhaps a busted pipe or two? If so, then you probably know the horror of water level rising when it should be flowing away, and you know the relief that comes when the plumber does his job and fixes your issue.

A lot of people does not think highly about general plumbing and people that perform these sort of services. At least not while all the pipes are working properly. But as soon as there’s the slightest issue, the plumbers are becoming heroes.

While it is true that not all heroes wear capes, it is also true that being a plumber is not an easy job. General plumbing services can include a lot of different things, and they go way beyond just unplugging a toilet.

What do Liverpool plumbers do?

Being a plumber can involve many different responsibilities. Of course, just like in any other job, plumbers can also specialize in certain areas, rather than offer a general plumbing service.

There are, of course, those plumbers that will answer your call even in the middle of the night, which makes their job very exhausting and physically demanding. They often find themselves in many different environments while they do what they do, and they need a lot of stamina and strength.

Of course, there are also plumbers who consider general plumbing to be, well, too general. They might decide to specialize in only some of the plumbing jobs. For example, a plumber might specialize only in setting pipes. So, if you need pipe laying, you’ll know who is the best guy in town for the job. However, you still won’t be able to count on him to unclog your toilet in the middle of the night.

What services do Liverpool plumbers provide?

A lot of people would say that plumbers make some pretty decent money. And this is not very surprising when you look at the facts. For example, when people need a plumber, they usually need one immediately. And being available at all times means that plumbers can put a higher price on their services.

Also, a plumber needs to have experience, a wide set of skills, they have to know how to read blueprints, and alike. The word “plumbing” describes a majority of services, which include repairs, unblocking of pipes, installations, and similar types of work. They work not only with water but also with drainage and gas. In some cases, plumbers can even offer services when it comes to steam fittings.

Is there career in general plumbing?

Depending on what jobs a plumber is comfortable with, they might choose to open up their own small company. Of course, it may grow, or they might be the only worker, it all depends on what they themselves want.

Others might become contractors and work as a part of a larger team, and on larger projects. The truth is that general plumbing is one of the jobs that are not going away. As long as there are pipes to be busted, we will need these brave souls to fix them, and save the day.

Emergency Plumber

Emergency Plumbers in Liverpool

As you probably already know, the majority of home emergencies involve problems with plumbing. If you have a plumbing problem, the chances are that you can either fix it yourself, or wait for a plumber for a day or two, and have it fixed when he finds the time to get to you.

On the other hand, if you have a plumbing emergency, you need someone to handle the problem immediately. That’s where emergency plumber comes in.

Who are the best Liverpool emergency plumbers?

Well, the name probably explains it all by itself. Emergency plumbers are professionals that deal with plumbing emergencies. This may include a wide range of issues, including things like burst pipes. gas leaks, central heating problems, and alike.

If any of these problems happen to you, fixing it simply can’t wait, and calling for an emergency plumber is a must. Waiting can only lead to even bigger problems, and ignoring the problem, or attempting to fix it by yourself can even lead to injuries – especially if gas leaks are involved. Waiting can only lead to even bigger problems, and ignoring the problem, or attempting to fix it by yourself can even lead to injuries – especially if gas leaks are involved.

It is much better to leave these problems to a professional and to call one as soon as you detect the problem.

When to call an emergency plumber?

As we mentioned previously, you should call and report a plumbing emergency as soon as you detect one. You don’t have to worry about a plumber not picking up, or being angry at you for calling, even if it is the middle of the night – emergency plumbers are available 24/7 in Liverpool.

Naturally, since they are always on call, their services are a bit more expensive than what a regular plumber might charge you. However, if it is an emergency, you do not have a choice, and a bit costlier service might spare you from losing a fortune on repairing the damage that the emergency might cause.

Emergency plumbers are experienced, skilled, and they are guaranteed to fix any problem that you might have. You can locate the leading plumbing companies in your area easily, via the internet. They often carry their own spare parts and materials, which means that they can fix your problem right away if the issue in question is relatively easy to fix.

How to book at emergency plumber in the Liverpool areas?

Even if you did not have any sort of emergency as of yet, it is always a good idea to be prepared. Do your research in advance, and find a good emergency plumber in your vicinity. You never know when you might need one, and if the emergency arrives, you might not have time to start looking for a proper company.

For example, if your heating suddenly stops in the middle of winter and you have small children, you can’t allow your home to go cold. The same goes for bursting pipes, and especially for gas leaks. These emergencies might make a lot of damage, and they might even cause injuries, or endanger the lives of other members of your family.

To prevent that, find a good emergency plumber, and make sure that everyone in your household is aware of where to find the plumber’s contact information.

Commercial Plumbing Services

Commercial Plumbing Services in Liverpool

For living in a healthy environment, it is very important to take care about all of your surroundings as well as inside the house. Drainage blocking in Liverpool is one of the annoying issues that generally persist with everyone but no one wants to get their hands dirty with this job. That is why people prefer our commercial plumbing service providers who have expertise hand to tackle with all the mess. Whether it is wash basin of kitchen or drainage of a public place, our professionals are capable of solving all problems. Due to the increasing number of internet popularity, now we are directly available through websites. Our all service packages with price are given on the home page. Also, you can contact us through the given phone number on site for more details.

We offer our services in following criteria:-

  • Drain and sewer cleaning
  • Garbage disposal
  • Toilet leakage
  • Leaking pipe issue
  • Water line repair

From all of the above, general block drain is one of the major issues that everyone face. It is a situation when your drainage pipe blocks due to any obstacle such as vegetable scraps, polyethene, hair or any other nondisposable material. Only our commercial plumbing service can solve this issue in a better way because we have lots of experience in this field. Our professionals know the primary causes of the issue and how to solve in a proper way without causing any damage.

For a perfect drainage clearance, we perform following activities:-

  • Full inspection of scenario with multimedia devices
  • Use hydro jetting equipment
  • Attach ejector pumping motors where needed

Some common drainage blocking situations around Liverpool:-

  • Main line stoppage
  • Roof drains
  • Drain stoppage
  • Clean-outs installed

These are the locations which need an immediate response because delay may result in many serious consequences. If there is any issue with your roof drain then the water will start storing which can weaken the roof. Due to corrosion or moisture, the roof will start leaking after some time that may cost much more than our commercial plumbing.

In case of main line stoppage, the water and other waste will start gathering in a specific part of the pipe. If the situation goes worse, then the water of drain will go in the reverse direction and can fill your kitchen or bathroom with a stinky mess.

Special services for commercial business in Liverpool

When it comes to the drainage of commercial areas, you need to give more attention because it works in large level as compare to the residence. There are multiple connections of severing pipes that may confuse anyone. Every commercial building has a different type of structure which is designed according to the activities performed inside. Our commercial plumbing experts are familiar with these kinds of situations and know unique way of solving. Just visit the website and call on the given number. We are also available on an emergency basis when you require plumbing instantly.

No matter which kind of plumbing structure is in your house or commercial area, our experts have the solution of everything at reasonable price. For the satisfaction regarding quality, just visit our customer’s review page and see the comments and star ratings. 

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