Save your hard earned money by upgrading your boiler

There are so many people living in Liverpool with an old, outdated boiler and it is something that they have put up with for a long time but getting a new boiler has its benefits, especially with winter on its way.

B-R-T understands that it does cost quite a bit of money to get a new boiler installed but what people do not understand is by keeping their old boiler they are in fact spending a greater amount of hard earned money each month to keep the house warm.

Did you know:

A boiler that is 15 years and older is only 60 – 70 per cent effective. Meaning that 30p – 40p of every pound your spend is wasted!

IF your home has an old boiler, it’s easy to put off changing it because it will be expensive, but old boilers are costly to run. A boiler that’s 15 years old or more is only around 60-70 per cent efficient, meaning that 30p-40p of every pound spent on heating and hot water is wasted. Many old boilers also have a standing pilot light, which can cost around £50-£60 a year to keep alight.


Now if you had to calculate how much you have spent over the last 5 years and then calculated how much of that money has been wasted or at least saved, you will be shocked.

The time is now before it starts to get really cold to get your boiler replaced. People all over the United Kingdom are getting new boilers installed.

Are you ready to spend a little to save a lot?

If you are looking to get your boiler replaced in Liverpool and around Merseyside, contact B-R-T today.

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