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Boiler Installation

We offer a wide range of boiler and heating systems, we will help you to find the right boiler for your home.

Boiler Servicing & Repair

Repairs, servicing and maintenance of all central heating systems and boilers. Call us for a quote.

General Plumbing

Whether you are looking for a plumber to fix a leaking pipe or a broken toilet, we are on hand to fix it for you.

Heating & Gas

Domestic or commercial, we offer a full gas plumbing service that covers Liverpool and Merseyside.

Power Flushing

We offer a power flushing service to ensure your central heating system is working as it should be.

Gas Safety Certificate

Gas safety check service is available for landlords around Liverpool. Domestic and commercial work undertaken.

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Boiler Repair Liverpool

Your boiler may be working well but as the summer fades away and winter draws closer, do you want to chance it and hope your boiler does not breakdown on you? A boiler service not only ensures you are saving money but also that you do not get cold during the winter nights. 

Contact us today and let us ensure everything is running correctly with your boiler and central heating in your home.

We look forward to keeping your warm.

Liverpool Boiler Installation Company

Boiler Company in Liverpool

Boiler Repair Liverpool specialises in the boiler repairs, boiler servicing & maintenance, new boiler installation, plumbing and central heating installation in Liverpool and covering all of Merseyside. We are veterans in the plumbing world with over a decade’s worth of experience in dealing with all types of plumbing situations. Everything from leaking taps and toilets through to central heating installations.

Over the past 10 years, we have become renowned around the local area for high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service. All of the plumbing work that we do comes with a guarantee and a seal of approval, meaning that you can rest assured that no matter how big or small the job is, you are in great hands with us.

Our plumbers and central heating engineers are Gas Safe Registered and trained to support both domestic and commercial jobs.

Number 1 recommended Plumber in Liverpool, Merseyside

Boiler Installation

Boiler Installation in Liverpool

Having a properly functioning boiler is priceless. It makes your life convenient and keeps you and your family safe. But boilers, such as any other appliances, has a limited time span, and sometimes they get broken beyond repair. That means it’s time to buy a new boiler! While it may seem expensive, a new boiler installation in Liverpool will actually reduce your bills due to the efficiency of the new boiler.

But how to choose the right boiler for your home? Despite the fact that this may sound easy, it is actually quite a complex process. If your old boiler needs to be replaced by a new one, there are a few things you need to know before buying a boiler.

First of all, when choosing a reliable new boiler for your home, we advise you to seek guidance from professionals, such as our team, to help you pick out the best boiler for you. We offer our help and we can guide you through the whole process and advise you on the best brand of boilers for your home. If possible, get several opinions from different boiler engineers before you make a final choice.

We will also consider your budget and work together to find the best solution for you. There is a variety of different boilers you can choose from, such as a combination boiler, a heat-only boiler, and a system boiler. A combination boiler (usually referred to as the combi boiler) heats water when you need it without the use of a storage tank, while a heat-only boiler contains a water tank for hot water storage. A system boiler has similar features as a heat-only boiler, although it is easier to install.

Now that you know the basics about boiler types, you may start choosing the right boiler. The next step is boiler installation, and there are a few things to know about that too.

Safety should be your primary concern, so you should pick a company who puts safety first like we do. That means we are aware of all the dangers and we know the safest way to do our job!

The mechanical flush process, which is an important part of every boiler installation, is done with care by our capable technician ensuring that all the supporting parts that connect the boiler work smoothly.

We take boiler installation in Liverpool very seriously, and that is why we offer a full service. What doe that mean? It means that we don’t leave any mess behind once we’ve installed the new boiler. W will tidy up afterwards and leave everything as it was prior to the work done. You can rely on us to the job properly and remove and dispose of the boiler once the job is done.

In order to ensure that everything is working efficiently, our boiler installation services in Liverpool offer you follow ups. That means that we will answer any questions you may have about your new boiler. Upon request, we can even schedule annual boiler servicing so as to ensure that your boiler works perfectly and does not represent a danger to you or your family.

We guarantee a quality service and a friendly attitude making sure that all your questions are answered!

Boiler Servicing & Maintenance

Boiler Servicing in Liverpool

Boilers are complex appliances and they need regular care in order to function properly. Every once in a while, you should have your boiler checked even though it is working perfectly. Why? Well, actually, there is a variety of reasons for regular boiler servicing around Liverpool.

Have you ever thought about how long a lifespan do boilers have? Did you know that by regular servicing, you can make your boiler last much longer than you thought? Yes, it is true. If regularly inspected, a boiler can last longer so you won’t have to spend a lot of money on a new one. But this is not the only benefit you can get from regular boiler service in Liverpool.

Boilers are something we cannot imagine our lives without, but there are also very complex and dangerous. If a boiler is not functioning properly, it produces a poisonous gas called carbon monoxide which can even cause death. Since it is an odourless gas, we cannot detect gas leaks unless we install an alarm which can detect the gas. A significant number of people die of carbon monoxide poisoning each year. It is tragic because it gas leaks are preventable and this is another reason why you should service your boiler regularly.

If you are curious whether there are any other benefits from regular boiler service, the answer is yes. A boiler which is not functioning properly may use a lot more energy than it is supposed to and as a consequence, this increases your energy bills No one wants this to happen, that is why you should consider servicing your boiler regularly. A boiler should be checked once a year so as ensure that everything is working properly. Contact a company of highly-qualified technicians to service your boiler.

When thinking about servicing your boiler, it is important to pick the right time to do that. The best time for your annual boiler service is late summer, unless you are experiencing boiler issues and in which case you must call a technician right away.

Due to inactivity, boilers may develop some problems, therefore late summer is the best time to inspect that and see if everything is working smoothly. Also, if you service your boiler during winter, you may have to do without hot water and heating for a while and this is unpleasant and inconvenient. Therefore, summer is again the best time for boiler servicing around Liverpool.

Another reason to decide for summer boiler servicing is the fact that you will also pay less. Bills can be up to 20% lower during summer in the UK as engineers are not as busy as during the winter.

It is essential to bear in mind that one should never attempt to repair a boiler issue by themselves, as this is dangerous and may result in a disaster. We advise you to let the professionals deal with this and ensure safety for you and your family. A technician may perform a full boiler service annually which includes testing all components of the boiler, replacement of all the faulty parts (if any), and cleaning the boiler pipes. Servicing your boiler regularly will ensure that it runs efficiently and safely.

Boiler Repairs

Boiler Repairs in Liverpool

I believe we can all agree that the invention of boiler truly changed our lives completely and made it much more convenient. We are so used to having hot water in the house whenever we need it that we cannot even imagine what our lives would look like without it. And we are certainly grateful for this invention.

However, a boiler, much like any other appliance, need proper care in order to function. Therefore, regular servicing is a must and we should all do it at least once a year. Usually, the best time for boiler servicing is late summer, to check whether any problem was caused due to inactivity.

So what to do if you are experiencing problems with your boiler in Liverpool? Here are a few tips when it comes to boiler issues:

There is a variety of different boiler models which operate differently, and knowing a little bit about the brand of your boiler can very useful in case boiler repair is needed. Knowing a few things about the history of repairs of your boiler can help the technician to more accurately determine the problem. Of course, we do not recommend that you try to fix a boiler issue by yourself as this is highly dangerous and may cause many complications. Boilers are connected to hydro and gas lines, so damaging them can cause serious consequences. Therefore it is best to leave boiler repair to professionals.

If you are experiencing boiler issues, we advise you to immediately call a technician who will be able to quickly diagnose the problem and solve it. As boilers regulate the temperature of both central heating and water, a breakdown may cause further complications such as running your hot water circulation.

However, boiler repair should not be the only reason to call a technician to inspect it. Preventive regular boiler servicing can bring many benefits. For example, having your boiler checked for preventive purposes from time to time will ensure that everything is working the way it is supposed to, thus prolonging the life of your boiler. You may be able to use it for a longer time if your boiler is serviced regularly. On the other hand, preventive inspection of your boiler will also tell you if your boiler is using more energy than it should thus increase your energy bill. No one would like to be in such a situation, therefore it is a smart choice to call a professional and make sure that is not happening.

Proper functioning of your boiler means safety for you and your family, and regular and timely boiler repair in Liverpool will ensure that there is no danger of gas leaks.

Additionally, when hiring a technician to inspect your Liverpool boiler, try to find qualified professionals in Liverpool capable of solving any boiler related issue because when it comes to safety, one should not think about money.

Consider all the benefits of having a properly functioning boiler. It is very important to react immediately as soon as you notice that something is going on with your boiler. Ensure using your boiler for a long time and prevent any dangerous outcome by regularly servicing your boiler.

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